Looking for the right candidate can be a challenge in today’s market. As a hiring manager, when you need to fill a position, you need to fill it with the best candidate right away. You don’t want to be bogged down by sorting through an influx of unqualified candidates. PSC delivers to you pre-screened “A” players.

A good recruiter understands this business is all about relationships, and with any strong relationship, there must be trust and reliability. PSC’s reputation for maintaining high ethical standards while producing outstanding results is the foundation of our client relationships.

Search Process

  1. Develop an understanding of your business and its culture from a meeting and tour, or phone conversation.
  2. Identify success factors for the role for which you’re hiring: required and “nice-to-have” skills, key performance measures, leadership and communications styles; as well as what has worked and what has not with past people in the role, and/or past candidates for it.
  3. Confirm in writing our understanding of the above before we begin.
  4. Identify prospective candidates for the role.
  5. Act as your advocate in the talent marketplace by approaching people and discussing the opportunity with them.
  6. Evaluate interested candidates based on the criteria agreed upon with you.
  7. Share resumes of qualified candidates with you, along with positive impressions, and possible concerns, based on our discussions with them.
  8. Align you and candidates through the process, so both parties understanding and expectations are reasonable.
  9. Check references customized to your areas of interest or concern with candidates.
  10. Guide you through the offer process to ensure acceptance of offer.
  11. Keep in touch with you and the hired candidate before and after the start, to make sure expectations have been met.

Recent Placements

  • Region President – Southeast based homebuilder
  • Plant Manager – Northeastern US food processor
  • VP of Land Acquisition – Southeast based homebuilder
  • Division President – Southeast based homebuilder
  • Chief Operating Officer – Southwestern US machinery manufacturer
  • Purchasing VP/Director – West Coast based homebuilder
  • Chief Operating Officer – Mid-Atlantic based homebuilder
  • Director of Supply Chain – Global contract manufacturer
  • VP of Sales & Marketing – Southeast based homebuilder
  • Quality Director – Northeastern US automotive company
  • VP of Construction – California based homebuilder
  • Director of Engineering and Maintenance – Northeastern US food production

Service Offerings

  • Professional Search and Recruitment
  • Talent Strategy Consultation
  • Leadership Assessment and Evaluation