Conducting a job search is a critical skill, but most professionals launch their careers without any knowledge or counseling in this basic area. Precision Search Consulting is experienced in the field and can be a powerful ally in your job search. And remember…there is never a cost to you, employers pay our fees.

What We Do

Precision Search Consulting will act as your “agent”, sharing with you data on what companies are seeking. Once you are speaking to our clients we give you the insider’s understanding of requirements and personalities as well as assist you to negotiate much better terms with the employer than you could do alone. Recruiters can provide critical and accurate advice on preparing a resume that gets results, identifies potential employers, prepares you for interviews and negotiates the best package.

When you contact a potential employer, it is very important your experience and credentials are reviewed by the person who will actually hire you. Even if you are an outstanding candidate, when you send your resume to a company it will not initially be reviewed by the hiring manager. PSC works directly with the hiring managers on your behalf.

The Hidden Job Market

There may be employers who would be interested in hiring you but have not yet created formal positions. They are not actively hiring, but there is always a demand for highly skilled people. Successful managers recognize the value of professionals who can contribute to their business and will act when presented the credentials of the right person. PSC knows who the employers are that will be interested in someone with your expertise and can create opportunities that would be unavailable to you under other circumstances.